Madrid gold-plated side-action tap without compensator

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Madrid gold-plated side-action tap without compensator

  • Model: Madrid gold-plated side-action tap.
  • Body thread: M28x1.5.
  • Handle thread: M10x1.5.
  • Nozzle diameter: 8mm.
  • Material: Stainless steel and brass.
  • Safety: All materials used are fit for use with beer.

Madrid gold-plated side-action tap without compensator. CC11L00017. This model is manufactured in chrome-plated brass with a stainless steel ball lock for increased durability. Its stainless steel nozzle makes it a hygienic and easy to clean model. Its beer drainage system eliminates the accumulation of bacteria common to this beverage. This type of tap is recommended for regulating optimum foam quantities and consistency. Ideal for beers which should be served with head such as Paulaner, Stout, Ale, Porter and generally any beer made with wheat or malt.

Why choose our tap?

– Easy to use.
– Stainless steel components mean durability and resistance to wear and tear.
– Polished finish gives it an elegant feel.
– Easy to clean.
– Gives perfect foam.
– Ideal for beer consumption.


CC80000016: Junta tórica. 1 ud.
CC60000016: Casquillo ajuste. 1 ud.
CC20000016: Junta. 1 ud.
CC10000033: Junta. 1 ud.
CC00000193: Junta tórica. 1 ud.
CC50000016: Junta tórica. 1 ud.
CC07000016: Arandela. 1 ud.
CC06000016: Tuerca. 1 ud.
CC00000194: Junta. 1 ud.

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